Intact Immigration Services can assist you in navigating the processes of bringing temporary foreign workers to Canada and keeping them here on a permanent basis.
Canada has implemented numerous changes to its temporary foreign worker program, which has dramatically altered the landscape of economic migration in this country. IRCC has created and implemented pilot programs; streamlined certain programs; increased procedural requirements for Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign workers. The application process can be strenuous, where employers have to demonstrate that there are no Canadians available and undertake extensive advertising. Our team can assist employers with these challenging application processes and compliance measures.
Intact Immigration Services can keep you informed of the ongoing changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker policies in Canada, and assist in establishing processes and procedures that will allow you to recruit and hire the foreign workers you need to meet your labour shortages, to be prepared to meet the demands of the possible audit, and if needed, to assist you in keeping your workers in Canada on a permanent basis.
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